Flexible Payment Terms

Cash flow is important for every business.

It is important to know when money will be received for goods and services sold, and it is also just as important to know when money will have to be paid.

Many goods and services can now be paid on monthly payment terms. This avoids having to pay for a years worth of goods and services in one payment.

With this in mind we can offer interest free monthly payments for all of your accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services.

If you currently have outstanding invoices we do not ask for full payment before you can switch to monthly payments. The initial payment required is only 50% of the current outstanding balance.

Therefore if you switch to making monthly payments you can benefit from an immediate easing of your cash flow.

With your payment taken care of we can both concentrate on the important aspects of our businesses. This will ensure we can offer a continued accountancy service to meet your requirements.

Please contact us for details of the monthly amount of your standing order payment and for our bank account details.

The monthly payment includes VAT. All invoices will be issued as normal. Any additional work will be invoiced for payment under normal 30 days credit terms.

Thank you for switching to monthly payments.

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