Annual Accounts

A summary of the records we require to prepare your annual accounts.

Your latest financial year has just ended and we would be obliged if you could supply your books and records in order that we can prepare your annual accounts for the year.

The information we require includes:

  1. Your cash book(s), or if your records are computerised a backup copy of your data for the year.
  2. VAT book, including copies of your VAT Returns, if appropriate.
  3. Wages records and PAYE payslip booklet, if appropriate.
  4. Any other books of account maintained by you.
  5. Bank statements, covering all business accounts for the whole year.
  6. Cheque book stubs and paying in slips covering the whole year.
  7. All purchase invoices received during the year.
  8. Copies of all sales invoices issued during the year, if appropriate.
  9. A list of stock, debtors and creditors at the year end date.
  10. A note of cash inhand at the year end.
  11. Copies of any new loan or finance agreements taken out in the year.
  12. Any other information which you feel is relevant to assist us in the preparation of your accounts.

We look forward to receiving your records and preparing your accounts.

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