Sage Accounting Software Guide - How to Clear Username in Use

With some versions of Sage Accounting Software if the program fails to close down correctly, the next time you login you may receive the error message “username in use, cannot logon”.

Sage will then close and you cannot logon.

If you do receive that error message here are the steps to take to clear out the username in use and gain access to the program.

  1. Double click on my computer icon on screen.
  2. Double click on the C drive. (the internal hard drive of the computer)
  3. Double click on the program files folder.
  4. Double click on the sage folder or sage accounts folder.
  5. Double click on accounts folder.
  6. Double click on the ACCDATA folder.
  7. Delete the file named QUEUE.DTA.

You should now be able to login.

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